Queen of the South season 3 episode 6 preview: The escape plan

What’s coming on queen of the south season 3 episode 6? Essentially, what we assume we’re going to peer is a classic escape episode. Structurally, we adore those — you kick things off by means of throwing a individual’s back in opposition to the wall and then, over the route of the hour, you have got them try to determine out if there may be a way for them to get out of the scenario. It’s no longer an smooth element for them to try to pull off, but virtually that’s a massive part of the a laugh! Each person loves a very good underdog story and we suppose that it’s part of the enchantment for the writers — specially whilst teresa is at the middle of it.

Given that teresa is the lead of the show, it feels quite clear that she’s going to determine out a way to get out of the state of affairs. The massive marvel right here is typically going to be how she figures out to break out this case. If she will be able to locate her way out of this, matters can be totally different on the other side.

Under, the queen of the south season 3 episode 6 synopsis offers you extra perception concerning what lies beforehand:

Teresa tries to break out her captors with the help of an sudden ally.

A huge a part of this episode that could have staying energy is something alliance teresa ends up making. If this is an alliance that could maintain company for weeks, it can be instead treasured. In the interim, we do simply think that she needs all of the assist she will be able to get — there’s been a variety of chaos up to now this season and, suffice it to say, matters have not long gone thoroughly for her in any respect.

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